In service electrical safety testing consists of combined inspections and tests.

Inspections include: flex; plug; fuse; terminals; wires; sheath; switch; casing.
Tests include: earth continuity; insulation resistance; leakage; load; polarity.

Either a passed label or a failed label will be given to all appliances tested.

Minor repairs include: replacement of fuses; adjustments to plugs; wires shortened; extension leads shortened if single insulation is exposed.
At a time to suit you!  Flexible working hours can be arranged during the day, during the evening or during the weekend so as to avoid any disruption to normal working conditions.
After testing is completed a record of all items tested will be given to you.
Results of electrical tests can be downloaded into your personal computer.
If you do not have a personal computer a printed certificate of each item electrically tested will be delivered to your office or sent to you in the post.

Most companies arrange Pat testing every year to maintain safety at work.
Benefits of Portable Appliance Testing:
To comply with health and safety requirements
To identify faulty appliances on the work premises
To minimize the risk of fire or injury caused by faulty appliances
To satisfy possible insurance guidelines or requirements
To maintain a safe working environment for employees
To maintain a safe environment for visitors
To satisfy Fire Safety Officers and Health and Safety Inspectors